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Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

I'm an versatile visual designer currently working as UX/UI at a boutique digital agency in Toronto. Prior to UX/UI, I spent 10 years designing and managing fashion collections for retailers in Toronto, Montreal, and London.  I have 10+ years experience creating vector graphics, colour palettes, brand identity, and solving user centred design problems.

I'm passionate about digital product design and I love the creative problem solving that UX entails. Get in touch if you want to chat about interesting projects, or just tell me what your favourite font is.

I'm a visual design veteran who recently made the switch to UX/UI  after spending the last 10 years designing and managing fashion collections for retailers in Toronto, Montreal, and London.

After a decade in fashion, I was looking for new challenges in a more progressive field and felt the itch to join the tech industry. Now I'm loving the world of digital product design and all of the creative problem solving that UX entails.


my journey

my journey

2019 - now   

Tackling new challenges at Interad

  • UX/UI designer for a boutique digital agency
  • Working with clients on diverse projects including financial, ecommerce, and retail solutions


     UX Bootcamp

  • Attend full time UX course at Red Academy in Toronto
  • Design apps and websites for local businesses such as Planned Parenthood, Engager, and Lisnen
  • Learn how to take my fashion design skills and apply them to a new medium
  • Win lots of foosball games (I came 8th in the league. Not too shabby.)


     Discovering Tech & UX

  • Attend a UX seminar at the General Assembly in London and decide to persue a career in product design
  • Start learning HTML & CSS on Codecademy because, you know, it's fun


2014 -2018

     Fashion Design in London

  • Work as a fashion and graphic designer for a large British retailer, USC
  • Learn Spanish (pero necesito practicar mas)
  • Drink lots of tea


     Bonjour Montreal

  • Live in Montreal’s Mile End nighbourhood
  • Design menswear for Buffalo David Bitton
  • Learn French (sort of)
  • Eat a lot of Saint Viateur Bagels


     Film: Costume Design in Toronto

  • Design wardrobe for television docudramas
  • Reinacting murders and plane crashes is a strange job



     Graduation: Bachelor of Design

  • Graduate from Ryerson University School of Fashion
  • Now out into the real world...